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Monday, February 25, 2008

Authentic Chloe Handbags and Replica Chloe Handbags

Distinction between Authentic Chloe Handbags and Replica Chloe Handbags Owning a Chloe handbag is one of the fulfilling feelings that most fashionable women can get. This is because it is on the rise to popularity and it adds attraction to fashion conscious women because of its chic designs and qualities. Most Chloe handbags have metal decorations and quality zippers and padlocks. These features make Chloe handbags one of today’s hottest handbags.

For those who want to buy Chloe handbags, they should be warned that not all Chloe handbags sold in the stores are authentic Chloe handbags. Some of them are fake or replica Chloe handbags. These replica Chloe handbags are scattered in different stores online or at base. Since it is fulfilling to own one, it is better to give the distinction of the high quality authentic Chloe handbags and replica Chloe handbags. Price for Chloe handbags matter but there is more to price than what meets the eyes. In other words, some replica Chloe handbags can be priced high as if it is an authentic one. Chloe handbags are known for its leather material. One of the Chloe items that use leather is the Chloe Paddington handbags. The authentic Chloe handbags of this type have a smooth leather material and are soft and slouchy. The replica Chloe handbags usually have hard and stiff leather materials which are built in patterns. Customers should take a close look at this materials used. Another unique characteristic of a Chloe Paddington handbag are how metals and zippers are designed and inputted in the authentic Chloe handbags. The metals in Chloe Paddington handbags for the authentic one have usually matte texture and their zippers are usually silver. Replica Chloe handbags, on the other hand, has shiny gold metals used in the design of its Chloe Paddington handbag while its zippers are sometimes gold or brass.

When it comes to serial numbers, replica Chloe handbags have none or distorted serial numbers different from the authentic Chloe handbags. The authentic Chloe handbag has serial numbers sewn in part of the pocket of the bag. The date or the serial number is written in a leather tab. Also, authentic Chloe bags has hanging tags that describes the color, date, and serial number of that specific Chloe bags items while replica Chloe handbags does not have it or has false information about that particular bag. To be sure about more distinction between the authentic and replica Chloe handbags, it is better to ask distributors or direct manufacturers for further verification. Some replica Chloe handbags look so real that the distinction is hardly seen. Nevertheless, quality control is one feature that most signature manufacturers like Chloe handbag so there is no way that authentic Chloe handbags can be tagged as fake. Differentiating authentic Chloe handbags from replica Chloe handbags helps women understand the quality of the Chloe handbag that she gets. There is lesser quality for replica Chloe handbags than the authentic one. It would be a waste of time and money to get the replica or the fake one when the customer actually intends to buy the original and authentic Chloe handbags.

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