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Friday, February 15, 2008

Designer clothes 2008

When the suffocating heat of summers of Florida begins to descend, now is the time to begin to pack the halters and the tanks and to advance for the fashion of the fall! The designers have been to create busy their designer clothes styles easy and new elegant pieces for this fall. And for the fall 2007 they debut one would be able to say that this will be a very diverse collection of the fashion. So clean its space of cabinets and mark for shelter, sweaters of batwing, and pretty purple boots to bring up to date its coat room of the fall! The thigh high purple boots strolled down the trail in the week of the Fashion of Mercy, them giving spectators an insinuation in which to expect in the forecast of the color for this fall. Although, the majority of the designers they packed in a lot black in their coat rooms, some designers opted for several shadows of gray, while the other they chose to enlarge the palette of the color with brave and deep colors. While black is very classical and

1.) The short legs - Idea the inspiration: Jessica Simpson The shoes of the platform are an immense tendency at this time and they will do feels him as you were born 4 higher inches. You will be still cute and petite, with barely a height little extra. Treat them in a shadow black subtle low long pants to give him an I push secret in the work or to present an attractive pair with be trousers of the summer - the legs are the perfect length for them.

2.) Small extreme - Idea the inspiration: Paris Hilton J-here began the large tendency of the looting and there is a lot good that is come from it. Still, you should be proud of its tiny buttocks. Is perfect for this hotter piece of the season: the high breathlessness. These they accentuate the hips and the extreme to the extreme. Simply because their curves do not jump does not signify that they are not there; these pants will show that and they will present their inclination, half a sight the same time.

3.) The large extreme - Idea the inspiration: Kate Winslet ¡This is the year to the accessorize! The red, brave, brilliant, and large accessories are the tendency of the fashion for this season. Of fashionable bags, the fashionable belts, gloves of leather and red hats of winter adorn all the models and the fame. The bands of the head are hot! The elegant jewels are designer clothes brave and beautiful. The nails of the finger and lips are painted red strong. Autumn right now the time to pack in the layers, accessorize like the lunatic and to look at exceptionally elegant.

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