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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fashion Trends for Autumn/Winter 2008

The trend agency Peclers Paris is now unveiling the trends for autumn and winter 2008/09 before CIFF 30. Judging by the four trends, urban dynamism, rhythm and energy will strongly influence the way in which we dress. Preparations for the 30th Copenhagen International Fashion Fair in Bella Center are well under way, and the trend agency Peclers Paris has been working for some time on presenting the trends for autumn and winter 2008/09. And now is the time to unveil the four trends - On the Move, Dark Fiction, Soft Tech and Kitch Mix.

"For the past few seasons, the trends have largely revolved around urban life. More and more people live in towns and cities, where style and architecture not only influence our lifestyle but also the way in which we dress," says trend manager Ulla Skjødt from the Federation of Danish Textile & Clothing, and she continues: "The way in which we dress reflects our self-perception - and as things are looking now, more and more people see themselves as urban creatures. The dynamics, rhythm and energy of the town or city have a considerable bearing on the trends for winter 2008/09. Daily life in the city is the basis for a style that mixes the luxurious, the formal and the gloomy with the informal look, bright colours and protective materials of the street culture. When, on 7-10 February 2008, CIFF dazzles with its popular trend show, it will once again be with the Danish designer duo "Femmes Regionales" in charge of styling, stage and

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