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Friday, February 29, 2008

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses are used for protection against the excessive gleam. These sunglasses are designed to reduce the gleam coming from high surfaces of gleam, like water, snow and sand. Polarized Sunglasses are made to neutralize the effect of the gleam caused by the reflection of the ray shining of the sun from high surfaces or gleam like water, snow or sand. Polarization means by definition that glass is treated by aligning the molecules in glass in a direction, which eliminates the refraction from the light and reduces the obvious gleam rigorously. This reduction of gleam produces the effect “to see through water”. By removing the external gleam, the carrier obtains a clearer image and a broader field of view on and under water. Some important uses of the Polarized Sunglasses are as follows:
• The fishermen with the line and the sailors use the Polarized Sunglasses to reduce the reflexion of the sunlight of water. In fact only objectives provide the visibility below water surface in an maritime environment, which is extremely useful for a fisherman for the line, sailor and any other canoeing or enthusiast of fishing.
• The Polarized Sunglasses are useful for other external sporting adventures like swimming, the ski, swimming, and to pulsate.
• They are also useful for cyclists, golfers and mountaineers.
• Another popular, practical and important use of the Polarized Sunglasses is while driving. It reduces the reflection of the light coming from the headlights of the vehicles on the opposed side, and making driving easier. Because of its various daily advantages, the Polarized Sunglasses became a need for people rather than an object meant for the fashion. Like any other product, the quality comes at a price. The cost of these Polarized Sunglasses can run anywhere from ten to fifteen dollars for the cheap models, to the hundreds of dollars for a pair of designer Polarized Sunglasses.
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