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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Royal Copenhagen by Royal Copenhagen - A Review

I was always a little skeptical about wearing Royal Copenhagen. I thought it was a cheap fragrance that could only be found in drugstores or discount perfume shops. Because I held this view, I avoided it for many years until my conversion. On the day of my conversion, I was doing my usual morning ritual -- ironing, showering, and moisturizing. After I was done with these activities, I surveyed my usual day colognes. I felt bored with them all. I didn't want to wear any of them; I needed to try something new. I opened my fragrance case, and I spotted Royal Copenhagen. I picked it up and sprayed it on my body. I wasn't first impressed by its scent, but it was acceptable. As my day progressed, I noticed that it was secretly complex. It was fresh, masculine, refined and spicy; in other words, it smelled terrific. It was also very nostalgic. It reminded me of the colognes that my father had worn when I was a child, but it was a bit more refined. After that moment of awareness, I became a convert. It is now one of my favorite scents.

Royal Copenhagen was launched in 1970 by Swank, a leading fashion manufacturer of leather goods and men's accessories. The 1970s was a significant period for men's colognes. Royal Copenhagen and other men's fragrances that were launched in this decade were considered to be the first true fragrances for men. Most men before this decade usually wore aftershave as their daily fragrance. Royal Copenhagen is classified as an oriental and woody fragrance. This masculine scent blends orange, lemon, jasmine, moss and amber notes. It is recommended for evening wear. I highly recommend Royal Copenhagen to all men who want a great smelling, masculine and nostalgic cologne. It is available at most online perfumeries and mass retailers.

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