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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Budding Fashion Designers

It’s not easy for budding fashion designers to get a good start from the blocks. With so much talent around you have to run many laps, jump hurdles and take the odd tumble, hitting the finish line. Then you have to start the race all over again, every season. And just as you’ve made a little head way, someone wants to conscript your inspiration. It’s a bit like kick starting a Triumph Bonneville on a cold morning. Perhaps these old machines were not so functional but certainly poetry in motion, even at a stand still. Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time, be prepared.

All you budding designers get hold of a triumph photograph and pin it on your studio wall. It will be a constant source of inspiration as you delve deeper into its mechanics. This machine encapsulates all the elements of good design, in principle, proportionately perfect, mathematically correct. Shapes will emerge and you begin to hinge onto an almost forgotten era. Wretchedly poor workers stooped on cold factory floors. While the middle classes clung like barnacles to their own self importance as the light began to dwindle on class distinction. Bowler hats, swank cufflinks, three piece suits, drab silk ties. Everything seemed to mirror the bleakness of an industrial revolution drawing to a close. When designer brands seemed as futuristic as putting a man on the moon and fashion accessories for men never heard of. And then came the Beatles and things were never the same.
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