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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Celebrities clothing lines

Fashion and celebrities work hand in hand, either of them is incomplete without other. Celebrities rely on fashion to become celebrated and plug in the social circuit whereas fashion uses celebrities to brand their products, they are like two sides of the same coin, both have mass appeal, everyday reach and a quotient of unprecedented glamour attached to them. To give an example a brand of jeans wore by a celebrity becomes a hot cake within hours on the internet shopping sites. People dream to be dressed like celebrities and they take pride in identifying and imitating their dressing style. There are thousands of Blogs which features garments apparels wore by celebrity and the look alike available in the online stores; if at all the brands are unreachable for the common public. Celebrities have become the trend makers of the 21st century.

Magazines bank on the information of what the celeb would be is or was wearing at particular event. Parties are being organized to exhibit flashy makeup and different looks of the celebrities which become trends for the coming season. Celebrities clothing lines are the outcomes of exploiting publics obsession with particular celebrity style. Celebs with distinguished style of their own (at time even those who do not have one) can license their name to product lines and earn millions. The articles talks about few of the most famous celebrities who have successfully introduced their clothing lines.
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