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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Designer Label Handbags vs Designer Inspired and Fashion Handbags - What you Should Know

Designer Label Handbags vs Designer Inspired and Fashion Handbags - What you Should Know Designer label handbags are just that, and they have some great styles this season, plus they also have the much coveted name and trademarked logos. Most of the designer handbags also have warranties on their products where they will fix any manufacturing defects or weaknesses for you should they occur. The designer bags however can carry a steep price tag that sets them out of reach for a lot of people. Designer inspired and fashion handbags however, are more affordable. Designer inspired handbags are bags that have the same style as a designer label, but have enough noticeable differences to distinguish them from the designer handbag so as not to violate trademark or copyright laws. They also do not carry the designer name or logos anywhere on the bag. Fashion handbags are bags that come in many great styles, but are not styled after the designer labels.

When purchasing a designer label handbag, it is no secret that the higher price includes the name and logos. You should be sure that you get what you pay for. It is also no secret that the big designer names in handbag fashions do not wholesale their products to small independent retailers and limit the online sales of their products usually to their own website or to a large national retailer that is authorized to sell their products. If you have to have the designer name and logo, be sure you are getting the real thing as that is what you are paying for. There are a lot of handbags out there being sold as designer label that are not. For example, if you pay $300 for a designer label handbag that is on the designers site for $900 and you did your homework and got the real McCoy, say gently used on eBay, you got a great deal, but if it turns out it just a really good replica, you paid way too much for it. If it is just the style of the handbag you like and your are not worried about the name on the bag, the designer inspired handbags and fashion handbags can give your look the same effect without breaking the bank. This is a great way to go if you like a particular look or style. Designer inspired handbags and fashion handbags can come in varying qualities, so when purchasing them, check out the stores return policy. Stores that carry well made handbags, whether they are online or a brick and mortar store, should stand behind their products and offer some type of return policy.
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