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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fashion Accessories For Men 2008

Fashion critiques are often informative and short enough to scan while you’re at the breakfast table, or waiting for the train. Aimed at those who are on the move, they reveal just enough information to prompt further investigation. A recommendation is worth more than a thousand flashy advertisements. Our prime motivation in writing is to promote budding fashion designers. To this end we employed modern PR tactics such as bloging to attract an audience unreachable without the services of costly Public Relations and journalists.

Here are some excerpts. “Toast and marmalade for tea, sailing ships upon the sea aren’t lovelier than you”. What a cheerful little song; Recorded by unknown band Tin Tin and produced by the late Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees. You can also have honey on your toast. And when you’re ready to don the shirt and tie, try a pair of honey coloured cats eye cufflinks from Veritas Gifts. One gentleman decided to match them with an abstract floral tie by Patrick McMurray. “Nice colours for spring” Barry Gibb the elder of four brothers and leader of the Bee Gees became the second most prolific songwriter/producer in history. He sold close to 400 million records. “Calling on inter-planetary craft”, most extraordinary: Semblance of some planet from outer-space, it’s just landed and stamped with Vivienne Westwoods. unmistakable brand, The Orb, without (it), also in Onyx and Pearl. “Collect them” before they take off. Just like the song did for the carpenters. “Living in the love of the common people, smile from the heart of a family man, mommas gonna bring you a dream to cling to, daddy’s gonna love just as much as he can”. The anthem of the common people as sung in the 60’s. Remember the Bowler hats, swank cufflinks, three piece suits, drab silk ties. Everything seemed to mirror the bleakness of an industrial revolution drawing to a close. When designer brands seemed as futuristic as putting a man on the moon and fashion accessories for men never heard of. The light on class distinction began to dwindle. And then came the Beatles and things were never the same. Check and striped silk ties don’t have to be considered conservative. It’s all about colour pattern and texture and doing something out of the ordinary, without going overboard. Here is an example; definitely out of the ordinary, definitely light on conservatism
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