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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fashion Photogrpahy Tips Ideas Tricks

How to Take Fashion Photogrpahy You have seen them in magazines and billboard advertisements everywhere. The fashion models that seem to have perfect bodies that are perfectly lit with the exact amount of contrast and fine details. Fashion photos are usually very classy and elegant looking. The question is how to take fashion photos? Fashion photography revolves around the model. You cannot take good fashion pictures of models if you do not know how to pose models. Taking pictures of models in a fashion photography way requires that you and the model be up to par with the task that is required. To get good at taking fashion photographs the first step would be to start studying these types of photographs. Get as many magazines and look at as many advertisements as you can. See how the body is arranged and the gestures are. Notice how the lighting is. It is anything but a mistake that the lighting ended up the way it is.

The way that the model looks is extremely important in fashion photography. Unrealistically posed models that are stiff and unattractive will not work at all. The model must look believable and have a relaxed demeanor. It is your job as a photographer to make the model relaxed. Take full responsibility for how the model will end up looking in the final photograph. Taking this amount of responsibility will make the model more comfortable and result in better photos. Although it is a great deal of the models job to pose him or herself in a proper way, telling them that you are fully responsible will take off some of the stress. The lighting of fashion photographs must be very good. If you want to get into fashion photography then you will need to get some good quality lights. Using work lights from home depot may be fine for some types of photography but fashion photography will require lots more control over your lights. The transition from high intensity area of lights to low areas of lights must be seamless. The lighting will be a big factor in how the model ends up looking.
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