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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Handmade Jewelery - Best of British

Our days of trailing around countless boutiques is over - handmade jewelery has found a new home on the internet! We took to the web in search of the best designers and products for the spring/summer season. Looking for versatile and unique handmade jewelery that's forever fashionable isn't always easy. Following fashion might seem important when you want to look fabulous, but retaining your own style at the same time gets easier all the time: Britain produces the finest handmade jewelery designers in the world and yet so few people know where to find them. Here's our round-up of some of the most irresistible new designers:

1. All The Threes This company has developed a wide range of big, bold cocktail rings with stones that dance in the light. Everyone's going for the cocktail ring look at the moment and it doesn't look like this trend is showing any sign of stopping. A must have for '08.

2. Lily Belle Designs Specialists in handmade jewelery with a designer boutique edge, Lily Belle have some great collection of products. Their Talisman range has the art-school flavor that is going to dominate 2008, so the Talisman necklace would be a great investment.

3. Argent of London This designer elegance defined in fun. You're always going to need jewelery that can step up to formal occasions with grace and ease, but this company's handmade jewelery is a great look for any time or place. And for some individual style, why not mix some of their innovative charms on a necklace or bracelet?

4. Hurley Burley Dramatic and bold, yet delicate and subtle, Hurley Burley have truly captured the art-school look like no other designer. It looks like handmade jewelery made by experts and it is just that, giving their pieces a humor and flair all of their own. This style will be very popular all summer.

5. The Bamboo Room This company is primed to go big this summer as their handmade jewelery has combined western aesthetics with African and eastern styles - a trend which is going to be big. Necklaces adorned with fantastic beads - some subtle, some over the top - will be a great fashion investment.
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