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Friday, March 14, 2008

Leather Handbags Trends 2008 2009

With spring in the air, it is time to check out what this season has in store for everyone’s favourite carryall, the durable leather handbag. We all know that these beautiful little pieces of luggage are critical for day to day activity; they help us transfer everything we need to make it through the day from communication devices to makeup, and of course credit cards. Not to mention, they provide an important accessory for the fashion conscious, and really, who isn’t? Every year brings with it subtle and not so subtle changes to the word of handbag fashions. Here is a quick round up of some of the most important style trends for leather handbags in 2008. Colour. The uni-coloured handbag has long held sway on our arms, but this trend seems to have run its course. Over time we have seen several variations on the one colour bag, from laid back browns and other dark colours to bold and glossy styles, but this year those of eclectic colour tastes may rejoice. Designers are going crazy with colour; this year’s handbags include patterns of all sizes, which include fabulous colour combinations, perfect for calling attention to your trendy purse.

Fringes. One of the carryovers from last year, fringes are once again in style as a part of your handbag. This year, though, look for fringes with a more uniform shape, not the wild taperings of years gone by. Also look for tamed down colours on the fringes (obviously, this is one trend that doesn’t mesh with the rush towards colours!). Detailing. Like fringes, chain detailing is back in a big way in 2008. We all thought that this was a passing fad that would be gone with 2007, but chains are still in and still fabulous. Retro. It looks as though people can’t get enough of the oversize, clasp handle models that hearken back to the mid-20th century. Retro handbags are back again for 2008! There are plenty of options for the fashion conscious in 2008’s line-up of handbags. Whether you want to call attention to yourself with a splash of colour or a Marilyn emulation, there is a handbag perfect for you.
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