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Sunday, March 16, 2008


As Kate Hudson says, “Frost Yourself” in the movie how to loose a guy in Ten days, Women love diamonds. women love to be frosted and the best, most affordable way is through simulated diamonds. Simulated diamonds are not composed of the same material with the very expensive diamond but they have the look that is IDENTICAL TO A FLAWLESS DIAMOND.

The 4 C’s of the real diamond are the ff: Cut it is the most important characteristic of a diamond. It is what determines the brilliance of the diamond and how the light comes to reflect the many facets it has. The cut in simulated diamonds are considered ideally cut or the perfect cut reflecting the full brilliance. The Color, Simulated diamonds are D in the color scale. Diamonds that are D in color is extremely rare because it is the highest color grade. Clarity, simulated diamonds are very clear they have no inclusions, it is rare to find a diamond that has no inclusions and not to mention very pricey. Last on the list would be the carat weight that is self explanatory, the bigger the diamond the more expensive however, simulated diamonds are a fraction of the price.

To women, the bigger the sparkle, the better. Simulated diamonds are what a perfect diamond should be. The fashion trend of today is that of big colorful jewelry with a lot of brilliance. Channel has launched its blue collection for the year with a lot of accessories; the most popular colors are the blue shade of blue sapphire and aquamarine. Blue is the color picked for 2008 by the designers. A chunky Cocktail ring with a lot of sparkle is very popular that you see it in several fashion Magazines. Jewelry always complements an outfit if it is used properly depending on the outfit of course! Also popular are the gemstone encrusted dangling earrings, again with a lot of colored stones, bright, brilliant and big with a lot of sparkle.
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