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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Monogrammed Baby Blanket

Welcoming a newborn child into the family is truly a momentous occasion regardless if it yours or a close friends family that is being blessed with a new member. Of course, the arrival of a new child is a time to give gifts to the new mother to help her with all that she will need during the first year or so that the baby needs to be cared for. The fact is, that a new mother simply won't have the time or the freedom that is required for shopping for all of the essentials that are needed, because she will be completely occupied with her newborn infant. One thing that a new mother will surly need is blankets and more than one of them, so she will have spares for when one gets soiled or food spilled on it. There is also something special about a baby blanket that is given as a gift, because the mother will always think of you when she is wrapping the baby up in it. Now there is the added option of having the baby blanket that you intend to give monogrammed, which will make it even more special of a gift to give.

As afar as what you want to have monogrammed on the blanket the door is wide open. However; what people most commonly choose is to have the babies name monogrammed on it. However; you can even have something like a favorite bible verse monogrammed in small letters on it if you wish. There are basically two choices that you have when choosing what type of monogram that you are going to have stenciled onto your baby blanket. One choice, is to have big bold lettering placed in the center of the blanket, which many people in fact prefer. The other choice is to have smaller more discreet lettering embroidered along the edge of the blanket. What ever you choose, the fact is that a monogrammed baby blanket will be a nice surprise that will be greatly appreciated by the new mother.

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