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Friday, April 11, 2008

Pheromone Cologne for Men

What is a pheromone cologne? How does it work? Pheromones are a great discovery scientist has given us, it gives us that secret touch to attract women, grab her attention and make other guys jealous. You've probably been wondering why you haven't been able to grab her attention, or maybe you think you don't have the confidence to go up to her. You know you need that "something" to make her interested. That "something" is a pheromone cologne. Pheromones are natural, and using a pheromone cologne is easy. The smell is like any other cologne so no one will even notice you are using a pheromone cologne, and of course you just spray it on like any other cologne. Pheromone is the scientific reason why women are attracted to men. It's what draws her in and she won't even know why suddenly she wants to be near you, you attract her and it's all thanks to pheromones.

Most men think women are just out for men with good looks. Looks does play a role, but it is only minimal. The major factor is chemistry and confidence. Pheromones takes care of the chemistry part and like so the confidence part as well. This is because upon wearing a pheromone cologne you know that the women that approach you are already interested in you! Your confidence is boosted because you know that the woman in front of you is already attracted to you, no matter what you say. Don't be fooled by over prices colognes for men. Sure they have a great scent but they don't contain pheromones and it won't attract women. Pheromone colognes are the only proven method to attract women, in almost a subliminal way, because it's all about the science of attraction, proven facts. If you conduct some research online, or read our pheromone review then you will be able to find countless studies that positively prove that male pheromone cologne works better than any other method and that pheromone attraction is now the new 21st century way to almost guarantee a better social life! There have been studies on thousands of men and women worldwide and have all come back with conclusive results of the effectiveness of pheromone cologne. I know pheromone colognes worked for me and I've seen guys struggling to get the girl of their dream but can't and that is why I urge other guys to give Pheromone Colognes a try. Most pheromone colognes have a guarantee, so you've got nothing to lose!

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