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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Diamond Cuts Get A Cut Above the Rest

Are you looking for a dazzling, brilliant diamond that will catch the eyes of everyone in the room? Then you need to understand the different types of diamond cuts. Even flawless diamonds are cheated of brilliance when the cut is not ideal. And smaller, less expensive diamonds can be dazzling when the cut is right. Furthermore, the right cut can help mask flaws in a diamond, and affect the color and clarity of the diamond.

Types of Diamond Cuts Shallow, ideal and deep are the three types of diamond cuts. If a diamond is cut too shallow, it won't reflect much light, and therefore will have a duller appearance. The shallow cut is less-than-perfect if you're looking for a quality diamond cut. On the other hand, a diamond deep cut can create darkness and dullness because the light is lost off the sides of the diamond instead of reflecting off the top. Some may choose a diamond deep cut because a deep cut will cause a smaller diamond to look larger than its actual size. As you might guess, the ideal cut is best. It is a cut that is not too deep and not too shallow, but just right for the light to reflect off the top of the diamond.

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