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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Latest fashion trends 2009

Designer Runway Forecasted for 2009 : Chic Tough Girl Looks, Military Influences, and Seductive Jumpsuits dictate the Runway : The New Year is barely in the door and we are already looking to our desired celebrities to show us how to make this our best year in Fashion yet. Anne Hathaway is an acclaim luxury icon in the making already, with her raven mane and limp skin. With her shape decipher out position in The Devil Wear Prada, the community took notice of her expressive appearance. While just in the pages of Vogue and InStyle magazines, she resonates in Versace, Thakoon, and Marchesa. Her casual trait is appealing too many as well, having been photographed in the forces influenced jacket. This Sergeant Peppered inspired look will be hot in 2009, and will be seen in thrilling unhappy, carroty, and red, besides the more traditional look of black or lime. Pair with form descent pants, boots, and a minimal t-shirt. The taste accessories can be pared down as shiny clanging buttons will drape across the jackets. Piles of metal chains will be your principle accessory excellent for a bare shirt.

Love her or revulsion her, Victoria Beckham will maintain to declare the frame world, with the fashionistas waiting hungrily for her next curls chic or assertion. A devise mark herself, she will prolong to reinvent her own look of elegant flamboyance technique. Look to Victoria to be the permanent face of high glamour, as anything influence exit the house for should be dressed for. Body skimming, elegant dresses with a move of exaggeration are her forte, like the black Dolce dress she wore newly in Dubai. Look for Victoria to also impact the menswear look with her seductive take on wearisome high waisted, fluid poignant pants that are hot off designer airstrip. The new soft silhouette of pants will be damaged in countless lengths this year from modish cropped styles to the stagger skimming type, and topped with smart jackets, female blouses, and knits. While it was recently reported that she hates the lexis “boho chic”, Kate Hudson is sure an affect for it. Her laid back California way of dressing makes her look a select to women of all ages. She embodies comfort, with a trend mode. Kate’s take on combining patterns, color, and an a tranquil aesthetic will regime many closets this year – think dresses by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Prada, and M Missoni. Missoni knits mark an incredible merge of ensign that give only a nod to the boho look and make knits the comfortable selection.

Natasha Leratti offers an affordable bond look at her newest shape designer collection website, in a citrus kissed golden minute dress, accented by the ever standard black and sallow. As a new notoriety who dresses the celebrities, Rachel Zoe’s own design has taken storm due to her actuality show. One can’t escape the larger than life swish fur vests she nepotism, balancing with skirts or skeletal jeans. While she nepotism vintage, her look has an exotic elegance that evokes russia meets West Coat inspire. Strong prints in heavy colors, chubby knits, and bold jewels are the fastener of her look. We will look to her to show us how to mix atypical textures and prints. Rachel is a refine example of being able to dress high-low by taking a vintage $2000 Chanel gown and mixing it with a $98 faux fur vest from The Limited. Not only is her look fun and light, it inspires our intimate designer to take risks in mixing styles.

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