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Friday, June 4, 2010

cats dressed

Hello everyone, my name is Jasmine. This time I was three years less three months of tablets, I was a single cat in the family residence Dharmono. When I brought it home, well more or less my age are still three weeks, I could not get the road and still drinking milk. When they had adopsiku, house cat had been there a handsome man named Katty, Katty correct yes. Katty aged approximately two to three months, because he's huge. However, like-named the keperemuan-perempuanan, his behavior, too. But it seems a bit jealous with the presence Katty. Because when they are carrying or joking with me that this funny, Katty must immediately search for attention, uhh excuse me katty, maybe I'm more adorable. But unfortunately katty fared less fortunate, this time on Monday morning, I ask him to play near the fence house, we play tag and jump jumping here and there, outside the fence, into the fence. But that day I did not realize that Blacky (the dog next door neighbor stern) is also hanging around outside. Then when we were playing in and out of the fence, I saw blacky and immediately went back into the fence, but unfortunately katty who come after me even out the fence, and BLACKY MENGIGITNYA until he groaned in pain!

Then the master was pouring out, I was shocked and scared mama gets picked up by shinta. And mama Trisha out, carrying a broom, which intends to beat Blacky. When we look out, Katty has been injured and to the pot wall cassava dipojokan neighbor's house. His breath is fast and very fast heart beat, she was frightened, bleeding and crying. Katty was rushed into the house and got first aid. Katty injured his back and seemed to be injured inside. It was her fate kasian, after kejadia that he became depressed, no appetite and fluid out of his butt that really iugghh! But two days after being taken to the vet and shots, katty met his end, when he was in the shower. The day was finished bathing, while blowing his breath dihanduki Katty last one. seddiihh deh ...

With the departure of Katty, I automatically became the most loved cat at home. Every day I sleep cold dikamar Trisha's mom, I was even given a black cat white pillow, just like the color of fur. ihihihi. But it all changed because I was growing up began to feel the desire to marry, let alone there are furry handsome black and white cat that seemed too fancy with me. People laid off call Tuxedo masked, because the black circle disekita eyes that looks like a mask. It was almost every day I meet with tuxedo in our secret place, I left home at 8am and come home at 5 / 6 pm or if I'm feeling hungry. But I rarely feel hungry when it together with a tuxedo. Hmm, I'm embarrassed.

But I'm upset, because Trisha was caught by my mom, she became like lock me in her room, so I did not meet with the tuxedo, and I missed a tuxedo. That evening he was shut in her room again, and he left me alone dikamar. Incidentally I saw a laptop that is open and lit up (I think) he was working on something. Yes I was so upset with him that day, I went up to the laptop keyboard and I was pee deh there, ihihihi sukurin. But as I have not had time to change places, he was suddenly in! Quickly, I ran away to avoid getting caught. But eventually he realized that his laptop had I pipisin, she screamed and finally just sat limply dipinggiran bed, so syoknya. I felt guilty, I'm sorry mom Trisha. He did not denounce me to the Grandfather bambang deeds, he was too afraid I would be kicked out, uh, he really loves me. But strangely that I hear after I pipisin, battered laptop's performance was better, I did this ihihihi luck. After the incident, Trisha mama never told me not to date a tuxedo. We also build a happy family. Beum Diusiaku that even three years I have been pregnant five times but did not pass the second pregnancy and I miscarried. Now if you add up the number of child-there are 13 cows. My son named Congki earlier, he's funny and he's like a man. Trisha and grandmother Mama Nita congki love and intend to maintain them, but on an afternoon Congki died crushed by a mas ian. HUrgghhhh, deh baget annoying when congki oldest child living at home and had disayanag by employer-master. Now I'm caring for my third, and prepare for the next child might be, because tuxedo has been calling for the mating call again.

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