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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Black henna safe alternative

The safe alternative to black henna I have been a henna artist for years working at many events such as Glastonbury music festival in England and Roskilde in Denmark. The thing that I love best about henna is that it is only temporary, so you can go from having a dragon tattooed on your back to having a flower on your belly in a matter of weeks. I love it's versatility and the way you can create big bold tribal work or the most delicate and intricate patterns. However the ongoing question from all of my customers has been "is it black, like a real tattoo" and my answer has had to be "no". The so called "black henna" that many unscrupulous artists use, in many countries is a chemical product known as PPD (Para-phenylenediamine) which gives a black result. Even though severe warnings have been issued through the media it has not stopped the demand, or the use of "black henna". It is forbidden to use on the skin by the European cosmetics regulations and the FDA in America, as it is classified as an extremely toxic substance which can cause blistering, scaring and much worse.

But now a new product has come on the market that will hopefully eradicate these irresponsible people using PPD products and the heart ache they bring. Jagua is a 100% safe black Temporary Tattoo Gel. The Jagua fruit (Genipa Americana) has been used by native tribes in South America for many centuries. They use this natural black dye to decorate their bodies and faces for ceremonial rites. The black dye is extracted from an exotic fruit which is then processed and refined into Jagua Gel. The gel is applied from easy to use application tubes, or from cones like henna. Jagua takes about an hour to dry then is left on the skin for another hour, then the area of design is lightly washed. It leaves behind a faint grey mark that over the next 24-48 hours developes into a blue/black real looking tattoo that will then last for 10-15 days. If you are rubbish at art you can use a stencil pencil and transfer paper to make an outline.

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