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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Garnet Jewelry is Red Hot

Did you know that the fashion industry encompasses more than just clothing? Well, yes the fashion industry encompasses more than just clothing. The fashion industry involves the category of jewelry too. Jewelry is such an important part of the fashion industry because most people find pleasure in accessorizing their clothing whether it is for work or for play. There is jewelry that is appropriate for day and there is jewelry that is appropriate for evening. Most people probably think that extremely sparkling jewelry is only right for evening events.

Well, what jewelry people wear depends on what clothes they are wearing, and what the event is that people are attending. Night events usually do call for sparkling jewelry such as diamonds, rubies, and garnets. This is because diamonds do sparkle much and both garnet jewelry and ruby jewelry is red hot and spicy. Those people who have a spicy personality or want people to believe that they have a spicy personality ought to have a piece or two of garnet jewelry in their jewelry wardrobe. Did you know that most garnets are red in color? However, there are also green garnets and orange garnets. Garnets are usually found in Africa; but garnets can also be located in India and Russia. Did you also know that garnet jewelry of all kinds was very popular in Europe especially in Victorian times? Bohemian garnet jewelry in the Victorian period was set with small garnet stones that looked like pomegranate seeds due to their fiery and spicy red sparkle. Garnets are also said to have played a large role in a Bible character’s story. It is claimed that Noah used a garnet lantern in order to help steer the Ark through darkness. Also, garnets were used in the creation of jewelry in both Greek and Roman Times. Plus, folklore has it that travelers used garnets to keep them away from trouble, danger, and harm. Therefore, if you are ever in need of protection, it might be a splendid idea to travel to Greece, Rome, or Africa and buy some garnet jewelry.

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