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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brief History of the Le Chameau Brand of Boots

Established in 1927, the French brand, Le Chameau, has long been associated with quality rubber boots. Mr Chamot (pronounced as chameau) was a young agricultural engineer who felt the boots available back then were inadequate for his own needs out in the field. To fulfil his own personal requirements he began to produce a new brand of Wellington boots. Le Chameau (the camel) is a name associated with traditions and techniques have been passed from generation to generation.

The boots are still handmade by craftsmen who receive nine months training to inherit the Le Chameau secrets. All materials used in the Le Chameau boots come from natural sources and are obtained in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner. The rubber is extracted from Hevea trees in Amazonia where the bark is scored so the liquid drips out, though the tree is still able to grow as normal. The Chasseur boot was one of the originals made by Mr Chamot. The word itself means hunter and it really is the ideal boot for those who shoot or enjoy other country pursuits and really put their boots to the test. The boot combines the best features to make for an ease of boot wearing that cannot be surpassed.

Traditionally the boot is leather lined in a soft, full grain, calf leather. This offers a supple, insulating layer which is highly durable. Further, it will, over time, mould and adapt to your own foot to give a custom fit. The dual density sole cushions the foot over whatever terrain you may cover, offering support up through the joints of the leg. Being made of natural rubber means your boot will last for years, without degrading or cracking, problems that synthetic rubbers can be susceptible to.

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