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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Women's Clothes Sizing Problem here The Solution

Over the past ten years, hundreds of shopping websites have appeared with specialist websites competing against the established high street brands. As much as the internet is shifting clothes shopping from the high street to the home (Internet clothing sales broke the £1bn barrier in 2006 and has increased by 54% in 2007, according to figures from market research company Mintel), the same challenges still apply: Visit the stores, find what you want to purchase and hope it's available in your size.

But what if there was a better way? Imagine for a moment your favourite shopping centre with all the stores you love to shop in. You would typically go from store to store looking for clothing you liked and when you finally found something you then look through the rail to see if it is available in your size. The you would walk to the next store and repeat the process. Finally after seeing everything that you liked it's decision time and you finally purchase it (assuming they have your size).

Now imagine your favourite shopping centre was taken down and rebuilt. This time there were nine floors instead of the usual one or two. Instead of each floor being full of separate shops, it is full of clothes that are all a set size. So for example the ground floor is filled only with size 6 clothing, the second floor full only of size 8 clothes, the third floor only had size 10 clothes... all the way up to the ninth floor which was purely size 22 clothes. Each floor would still have all the same items from all the top high street stores that it used to have, but this time you would simply select the floor that corresponded to you normal clothing size. Leaving you free to walk around that floor and see everything, in one place, that would fit you. What would normally take you an afternoon or day to do you could now do in a matter of minutes.

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