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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Female Fashion Trends for Autumn 2008

Whenever you are looking for a scarf or a jumper, choose it big knitted and oversized. Giant knits will keep you warm and you will look extravagant but cozy. Be careful and don't overdo: one knitted piece is enough for your outfit, if you combine too much, it might look tacky.

Jodhpur are the most fashionable trousers of this season. Jodhpur is comfortable to wear, stylish and it matches any type of shoes! The shape and proportion of these trousers are so original and fine that everyone will take notice of you. However, you should avoid this fashion statement if you are not slim-built, as jodhpur is wide around hips and this makes thighs more stout than they actually are.

You don't have to spend millions to get the right look. Just take your regular outfit and match some fashionable accessories. The most playful detail of this season is colored opaque stockings. Don't be afraid to be colorful! If you are not sure how to match different colors, choose colored stockings for a black outfit and you will be on top. Don't forget to put on a beret; they are fashionable once again. Beret matches any image and gives you the "chick look".

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