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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wedding dress fashion Trends 2008

The day of your life is coming and you don't know what to wear? Want to be fashionable as you are in your daily life? Wedding dresses, just like all the other clothing, have their own fashion line. Make the most of your wedding and purchase the trendiest dress. It's rather difficult to describe the wedding dress fashion, as every single bride has her own needs and tastes. Yet, there is one thing common to all - they want to be fashionable, therefore they choose dresses that designers offer.

A few years ago, dresses that there simple, straight and would expose brides' body, were very fashionable. No patchworks, no huge accessories. Simple and elegant dresses were in control of the industry. Today it's rather different. Brides are looking as princesses and queens. The so called "cake" dress is extremely fashionable. The top of it sticks to the body, exposing brides' breasts and trunk, while the lover part is very wide. Even special rims are used in order to make it as wide as possible. Materials used for this lover part are usually soft and thick, so that many coats of it would create a very light effect. It looks perfect on any type of body.

Another type is similar to the one that was fashionable a few years ago. Dresses are straight and made of silk. The bride who is wearing it looks elegant and very feminine. Yet such dresses do not look very good on short brides and those who have some extra weight. You must be very careful while choosing this type.

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