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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Winter fashion trends 2008 for females

Storm the stores for tops and dresses decorated with sequins, sparkling metallic details and jewels; choose the ones that accentuate your waist. Shiny clothes will take you to the center of attention immediately. Holiday season brings a lot of parties and the glamorous image of ice queen is the best to stun everyone. Choose a smart combination: match sparkling top with plain black skirt. Black textured items are favorited as well. If gold, silver and bronze don't charm you at all, all the shades of violet and purple are waiting for you.

Evening gowns became strictly glamorous and sensual. Choose sultry colors and shiny textures, such as chiffon and silk to create the extremely feminine image. Grab elbow length gloves of matching color and you will be ready for red carpet. Don't forget red lips and wavy vintage hairdo. The new length is recommended for the winter season: no matter if it's a dress, a skirt or a pair of cropped trousers, the perfect length for it is just below the knees. The same rule can be applied for coats. However, it has exceptions for different body types: if you're tall, go for long length and if you're a petite figure, choose short cropped clothing.

It's easy to get lost in new shapes and textures, but there are some rules that can save you from fashion mistakes. If you choose luxurious, lavish decorated wear that sparkles with crystals, keep the silhouette as simple as possible. The same thing works for knits: let the texture to talk for you, but if the silhouette is exotic, go for plain colors.

Let yourself to be in the center of attention: choose combinations of bright primary colors. Pure yellow, red, blue and purple colors rock on the runways. You won't miss is you choose bright, single-colored items. If you're not good at matching colors, choose only one bright colored piece, while others can be black or toned down. Fashion designers suggest wearing tight colorful dresses or bright jackets to brighten up your appearance.
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