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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Autumn Shoes Fashion Trends 2008 (Stylish Boots)

If you really want to look trendy this fall, it's a must for you to purchase new shoes. Shapes and colors that are fashionable are so very different from last year, that you just can't look trendy without new footwear.

Colors :It can be said that colors this fall are "calm". Light brown, grey, deep green and blue are on top. Yet, for those who are not used to matching shoes with clothing black would be perfect. Such colors as red, yellow and other bright ones are also acceptable, but you have to match it with your clothing very carefully. Have in mind that bright colors also have various tones, and for this season it's definitely worth choosing lighter or deeper ones.

Materials : As far as shoes are not very colorful this season, in order to make your footwear noticeable, choose high quality and original materials. Crocodile leather, suede or high quality chamois leather would be perfect. Such shoes cost more, but you can wear it longer and it definitely looks better. Some may think it's not worth the price, because another pear of shoes will have to be bought for the next season. That's a wrong attitude. Shoes fashion comes back in a few years, so you won't have to purchase new ones when it comes back.

Shapes : Basically shapes are rounded. No matter it is low or high heeled shoes it must be rounded. Heels this season are excessively fashionable. Designers chosen rounded forms, therefore even the heel itself is rounded. It looks very original and will surely make you noticeable. However, if you prefer straight heel, simply choose nicely rounded front and you'll still look fashionable.

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