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Friday, March 28, 2008

Designer Jewelries for Men

Gone are days when jewelries were meant primarily for women. They now form an integral aspect of a men's fashion as well. However, the idea of men using jewelries to add an extra spark to their attire is not entirely modern. A look at the past will reveal that men considered jewelry as a symbol of royalty and well-being. As years have gone by, the designs have evolved to compliment the contemporary fashion. Men’s designer jewelries are handcrafted to go with their corporate, professional and casual styles. Rings belong to the class of most popular forms of men’s jewelry. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the style of diverse fashion preferences of men. Usually men’s rings look heavier and bolder as compared to women’s. Inscribed, hand-engraved rings adds a new dimension altogether. A short piece of poetry or even one’s name engraved on a ring gives it an identity of its own.

Who said that necklaces are meant for women? They are meant for men too. Unlike women, men usually do not prefer to wear a glittering necklace. Even though they may be golden, beaded or having glass, a certain element of boldness is always there to give it a look that is meant exclusively for men. A lot depends on the kind of occasion when the necklace is to be worn. Wedding or any royal affair can definitely have a sparkling designer necklace whereas darker and colorful necklace go down pretty well with casual attire. Bracelets are another form of popular men’s jewelry. Men are always conscious about their wrists and that explains why they like to sport snazzy watches. Hand engraved designer bracelets adds up as good decorative for the wrist. Men with good forearms can sport a broad bracelet and the ones with small frame can go for the narrower ones. Designer jewelry for men has increasing become very popular due to the celebrities. Rings, body piercing, necklaces, bracelets and even earring have become fashionable for men. The variety is diverse and what matters is to choose the right kind of jewelry that compliments one’s personality perfectly.
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