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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Using Natural Skin Care Products

Using natural skin care products. Most women use skin care products practically every day of the year. There are lotions, oils and balms for nearly every part of the body, with some especially suitable for use on the hands and face. You can find skin care facial products, hand and body lotion, and even anti aging skin care products that will help to replenish lost moisture in the skin, making it appear more youthful. One type of oil that many women find particularly appealing is emu oil, both for its emollient nature and its anti-inflammatory properties. Emu oil comes from the Emu bird, which is a native of Australia. The fat from the Emu bird is rendered down to produce emu oil. Aboriginals in Australia have used emu oil for hundreds of years as a way to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the elements. It does, however, also contain medicinal qualities as well.

Originally this oil was noted by the Australian Aboriginals for its ability to relieve pain and heal cuts. Modern doctors have now also corroborated these findings as well. Pure emu oil has been used to help arthritis sufferers because of its ability to reduce inflammation in joints. Emu oil has also been used by those who suffer from muscle pain. After a hard workout or an injury, sore muscles respond favorably to the chemical components in this amazing oil, reducing the ache and helping you to feel better.

If you've ever had a burn, you know the terrible pain caused from exposure to high heat. Pure emu oil has been shown to reduce the pain from burns, and the burns show an increased likelihood to heal promptly. Scarring is lessened as well when Emu oil is applied to the damaged area. Those who deal with acne will like Emu oil, because it penetrates the skin very easily, yet does not clog your pores like so many other heavy lotions can. Eczema, with its skin irritation and recurrent rash symptoms, can often be helped with the application of this oil to the affected areas, which are often found on the hands. Emu oil is a one of a small group of natural skin care products that can be used by those with certain physical afflictions to excellent effect. It's also a wonderful beauty treatment that can be enjoyed by those who need skin care facial products especially suited to sensitive skin.
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