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Monday, March 3, 2008

Maternity Jeans To Fit Your Lifestyle

How To Choose Maternity Jeans To Fit Your Lifestyle Plus size women are finding maternity jeans to be a very good option during pregnancy. Pregnant women can easily wear them without worrying about their growing size and feel comfortable. You need not to part away with your regular plus size very soon. You can wear it till second trimester. Denim is known for its flexible material; how it gives either warmth in winter or fits cooler in the summer. It is reputed as a 'maternity fashion staple' type of jean that can be both casual and fit for dressier occasions. Denim also allows for a wide range of styles. If you were a fan of low-rise jeans, they offer them in maternity sizes as well. Rugged maternity jeans for around-the-house occasions or work pants and eve lunch with the girls are easy to find in darker shades to suit your taste. Unless you are aware of the terms used by manufacturers, buying a pair of maternity jeans can be confusing and overwhelming. They come in a wide variety of styles, shades and fits so it will be easier to find the best pair for your body if you understand what to look for.

Choosing the same size you wore before your pregnancy is the best approach. Denim jeans made for maternity are made to either fit under the growing abdomen or to fit around the entire waist. The jeans made to fit under the changing stomach contain a jersey panel consisting of a supporting elastic band that is wide and fits comfortably under your belly. Women in the first trimester of pregnancy are usually the best fit for this style. Jeans that are designed to fit around your entire growing waist consist of a full elastic waistband so that the jeans grow with you. While some women like this style of maternity jeans, others may not. The term Jersey Basque refers to a pair of jeans that have an expandable from panel made from a soft and stretchy material. This means that the jeans can expand as a pregnant woman grows. These jeans are able to endure an entire pregnancy, as they are flexible and change with your body. While the elastic contained in these jeans is not visible, it has a big effect on keeping the jeans comfortable. Side panels in jeans are a good choice for expecting mothers. They will fit you when you grow sideways as well as in front. These side panels are just like jersey panels and contain elastic so that they can expand with you as you grow. Many women, however, prefer the comfort of drawstring pants. These pants contain elastic in the back, but have a drawstring that can be tightened to fit the pants precisely to the woman. The drawstring can be a comfortable choice to last the entirety of the pregnancy as they can be loosened as the women grows.
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