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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Salicylate Free Shampoos

If you or a family member has sensitive skin, you have likely tried several types of makeup, lotions and shampoos that claim to be hypo allergenic personal care products. It can be very frustrating trying to narrow down exactly what it is you are allergic to in these personal care products. Perfumes can sometimes be the culprit, as can dyes that are used. There is, however, a substance that is commonly found in many products labeled "natural" that can cause problems for sensitive skin, and that is salicylic acid. Because it is derived from plants, it is a common ingredient in makeup, shampoo, perfume, lotions, and many other items that we rely on daily to help us look our best. For those with sensitive skin, using safe personal care products that are salicylate free shampoos can be the answer to not only feeling better but also having great looking skin and hair. Hypo allergenic personal care products such as salicylate free shampoos offer you the advantage of beautiful, clean hair that does not leave your scalp feeling itchy. These shampoos will add volume to your tresses, and will do it without resorting to chemicals that cause allergic reactions in many users.

Another group of hypo allergenic personal care products include deodorants. If you shave your underarms, you know how painful it can be to apply a deodorant immediately to the area, and especially so if it causes your skin to break out in an itchy rash. Instead, there are women's personal care products like deodorants that come in hypo allergenic forms that take away the pain and leave you feeling fresh all day. Washing your hands is something you do repeatedly throughout the day to eliminate germs. The unfortunate side effect of all this exposure to soap is a drying out of the skin on your hands, leaving them feeling rough and uncomfortable. Glycerin soap is one of the hypo allergenic personal care products that you can use regularly that will not be harsh to your hands, but will leave them clean and smooth. These soaps also sometimes come with shea butter, a natural sun screen, so that you can moisturize, clean and protect from harmful ultra violet rays all at the same time.
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