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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tan Thru Swimwear Allows You to Tan All Over

Tan thru technology has been perfected to the point that now you can buy bathing suits that look completely normal, are comfortable, and match today's fashions, while you get a natural dark tan underneath. You will have no tan lines even though you are wearing your bathing suit!

The great thing about this technology is that the companies involved never lost track of the fact that fashion plays a part in people's clothing choices. Not only can you not tell there is anything different about these suits, the designers were so strong and up-to-date that these suits often look better. Tan thru (sometimes referred to as tan through) swim suits are made both men and women. It is important to put whatever sun protection you normally use all over when wearing your tan thru bathing suit - in fact it may be more important because those areas that are often covered by normal fabric usually don't get any sun. Tan thru bathing suits have many other benefits, such as:

1. The same fabric that allows for tanning through is also very lightweight and comfortable, and these suits often keep you cooler than regular suits
2. In a related way, this performance fabric also helps you stay dry on hot summer days because they allow for more moisture evaporation than regular suits.
3. The tan through material holds its attractive colors well, even wash after wash.
4. Even though tan-thru is a relatively new technology, there is already a wide variety of styles to choose from, and tan thru suits are made for both men and women.
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