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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Screen Printed T-shirts: Everyone’s Style Statement

A t-shirt is a style statement, when it is imprinted with your own slogan it adds more style and attitude to one’s personality. There are many prints available to cater to all moods and occasions. Theme t-shirts are usually used to denote patronage to a certain team, occasion or corporate employees. Customized t-shirts are high on demand for promotional or corporate gifts. Screen printing is the best available method to produce such t-shirts.
Screen printing is one of the most popular methods to personalize products. The primary process uses a mesh or screen, stretched around a stiff frame. Areas which are unable to print are masked out on the screen. The framed screen is placed over things which are required to be printed with a dollop of rich ink. The ink is then pushed all over the screen. The masked which doesn’t requires printing put off the ink from accumulating but the targeted uncovered area permits ink to be printed on the available fabric or any other material. The final step requires sending things on a conveyor belt by way of a heat-tunnel. This method is perfect for simple one or two color graphics but is not as good for multicolor jobs.For multicolored screen printing photosensitive emulsions are used to generate the masked areas. If the ink dries faster the materials could be heaped or packaged and better results can be obtained. Accurately treated screen printing would certainly stay on the printed substrate even under unfavorable conditions. For t-shirt screen printing same method is applied but the print for the t-shirts must be eye catching and self-explanatory. T-shirts can now be used as a canvas for an artist to express his emotions. With personal screen printing kit one can portray his/her own life style statement on a t-shirt.Screen printed t-shirts are also ready to cater corporate requirements. Companies can imprint t-shirts with their logos accompanied with their custom message. It can help them to motivate their employees and to communicate with the potential clients. Customized t-shirts with screen printing are continuously bursting the popularity charts as promotional gift items.
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