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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond connotes beauty, wealth, and power. In ancient times as well as in the modern day setting, this precious stone is considered one of the most expensive possessions a person could ever have. It has been dubbed “a woman’s best friend” and has indeed upheld this label. As time goes by, diamonds become symbols of perpetuity perhaps due to its robust physical characteristic. Nowadays, couples exchange diamond rings to show their enduring love for each other. In engagements as well as weddings, diamonds proved to be the most popular, and needless to say, the most expensive. There are many kinds of diamond rings. Each has its unique characteristic to suit a person’s style and preference. They also come in different colors and designs to choose from.

Bezel, channel, flush, and burnish are just some of the many settings of a diamond ring. Of the many decorative variations of diamond rings, pave diamond engagement ring outshines others as it has its unique cunning appearance. How it acquires its facade lies in its pattern. Taken from a French word which literally means “paved”, pave diamond engagement ring has diamonds that are set very close together, without partitions, thereby resembling a cobblestone road. The precious stones are fixed in narrow conical holes and placed in just about equal level with the surface of the ring while it’s surrounding metals, usually made of white gold or platinum, are mounted forming tiny beads to support and hold these pave-set stones in place.

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