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Monday, June 2, 2008

How to Wear Cardigan FOR WORK FOR PLAY

Cardigans should be a primaries in every women's closet but not all of us know how to erosion them. Just pursue these few rules and your will be on your way! Cardigans are a fun ways to embellish up your equip for the day, not to state they are a great panache ways to layer. First, entice out the cardigan(s) and grab some of your favorite garments for work and play. Now depart addition and matching.

FOR WORK: you can layer over a chemise and trousers. If the trousers are a thick leg, you want to staff with a shorter cardigan. If the pants are junior and slim around the waist you can show a longer cardigan and then belt it at the waist if you like. This will enlarge your closet by 3-5 outfits immediately.

FOR PLAY: pulling a cardigan over a plain dress will add a little "idea" to the unit. You can also pair it with jeans and a casual shirt for a more bohemian look. Don't overlook to add earrings or pin a brooch on the pullover for an old-fashioned look. Really the ideas are endless just try. A team of tricks truly to look fun. If you have a great shirt with an interesting front or sleeves, use a quick lagging cardigan over it so you don't overlook out on the decor of the top. Same goes for pants, if the top is matchless, don't hide it up, use the cardigan as a border (it should break right above the pant so you sincerely emphasize the waistband). There are a couple of behavior to scuff cardigans. First, you can knob just the top three buttons; the eye will survey this line, which looks great on a woman. Second, you can bear it over a slim right shirt and close it all the way, belt it or not (two different looks), and puzzle a scarf on or a neat necklace. Third, play with the proportions of the cardigan and the group. Find the structure that mechanism with your body first and then work with ensign and textures.

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